Hello, it is a company that manufactures and exports kf94 masks in Kor…

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Hello, it is a company that manufactures and exports kf94 masks in Korea.


Our M2M mask was established in 2020 and is a company that manufactures and sells various health masks.Although it does not have a long career, it is a young company that aims to become the world's leading company by continuing to develop and grow every year with an enterprising spirit of challenge.


Currently, it produces and supplies small, medium, and large major product lines.

Furthermore, we are preparing to expand the line of various non-drugs and sanitary household goods in addition to mask products.


Our M2M mask is making every effort to remain a trusted customer-centered company.

A lot of foreign buyers from the U.S., New Zealand, and Canada contacted me after hearing the news that KF94 can be exported.


Like this, I visit the community site and leave a message.


As you all know, our KF94 masks are 100% Korean.


It's a globally recognized mask, and KF94, which we're exporting,


It is a KF94 mask that can be cleared anywhere in the Americas, Europe, and anywhere in the world. (FDA/ISO/CE)


If you contact us, we will check the business card opening, quantity, and unit price, confirm it, and deliver all documents before proceeding with the order.



You can import it, see the reaction, and proceed with additional orders.


KF94 grade FFP2 upper grade (94% or more blocking rate).


If you ask me, I'll give you a unit price table by quantity.


It is one of the largest factories in Korea and is of the best quality because it is a famous brand product.


It is a product that is delivered to academies/government offices/dentistry/large restaurants/marts, and is sold in department stores and online.


Inquiry only E-mail please.


E-mail : rhffh5850@naver.com

Mobile : +82-10-2661-1346


If you open your business card and send it to me when you contact me, I will sincerely consult you and deliver all English and Korean materials.

Thank you.


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현재 Hello, it is a company that manufactures and exports kf94 ma…

Hello, it is a company that manufactures and exports kf94 masks in Korea.Our M2M mask was establishe… 더보기

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