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Provider Network Administrator 





 Maintain, establish, and develop collaborative relationships with network providers and prospective providers for expanding network

 Call, communicate, and contact various provider offices to send out and obtain contracts through mail, fax, or in-person

 Research and understand the processes of the MSO and the IPAs including but not limited to claims, utilization management, eligibility, credentialing, and contracting

 Provide support to providers regarding the policies and procedures of the IPA, health plans, and state and federal bodies




Experience and Qualifications


 Experience in healthcare

 College graduate (at least an Associate's or a Bachelor's Degree)

 Excellent and proven interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills

 Ability to keep schedule; customer service; strong work ethic

 Proficiency with Microsoft Excel/Word

 Ability to cope with conflict, stress, and crisis situations

 Ability to drive and travel out-of-state (more than 50% of the time is field work)


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